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Why are there so many types of Content Management System?

If every piece of information that is stored digitally within an organisation can be described as content - then a piece of software such as e.g an 'asset management tool' can be said to be a content management system in the same way that a 'document management system' that manages documents can be said to be a content management system or a web content management system that manages web pages can also be a CMS. Alas every vendor sees the management of content from their product perspective. Combine this with the reality that at the so-called 'Enterprise Content Management' level, solutions have not just one form of content management but many - so they may be looking after content in the form of digital assets, documents, web content management, records and much much more.

If you then add into this equation those vendors that have found ways of stretching the type of digital information that their product manages to include other content types - however badly they actually do it (muddying the water even further) - then you would be forgiven if you found yourself in a state of 'content management confusion'. The different types of content management solutions that are currently being marketed and a brief description of the type of content they manage can be viewed here.

There are many different definitions on what makes up the entire field of Content Management, also known as Enterprise Content Management. The types listed below are not an exhaustive list of all the possible types of CMS, but covers the most widely accepted forms.

  • Portals
  • Knowledge Management
  • Document Management
  • Archiving and Document Lifecycle Management
  • Web Content Management
  • Transactions and Enterprise Application Extensions
  • Teams and Collaboration
  • Rich Media and Digital Asset Management
  • Messaging and E-Mail Management
  • Workflow and Business Process Management
type of cmsThere is a list of notable Content Management System that are used to organize and facilitate collaborative content creation. Many of them are built on top of separate content management framework. Ranging from free/open source software up to high end commercial CMS that can cost more than USD 15,000 on the license itself !