We are Google Friendly
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Why Uses Drupal ?

While we are not related to Google in anyway, Google has revolutionize the Internet and provide so many great services which we cannot afford to neglect !

google map

Integrate google map and 'earth' into your website, including Malaysia.

google analytics
Keep track your website traffics statistic.

google search
Add a Google-powered site search engine to your website and improve the site's user experience.

google adsense
Integrate Google AdSense matches ads to your site's content, and you earn money whenever your visitors click on them.

We produce Sitemaps to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling by Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft.

SEO-Friendly URLs

Sell your products and services online. Enable your website for online payment including Direct debit from Malaysian bank and E-Wallet. Choose from various options.

online shopping and payment gateway

DRUPAL is matured, robust & scalable. Many high profile site choose Drupal as their CMS - Yahoo!, Novell, Discovery Channel, Sony Musics, Havard University and many more ..

website using drupal